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MP3 PREP: Imagine Music Festival 2023 — The Extras

The allure of music festivals is much more than great music, a concept that especially true at this year’s Imagine Music Festival. If this year’s headliners weren’t enough to get you excited, consider Imagine’s extracurriculars — the water-themed festival features tons of additional entertainment, visual art exhibits and, educational workshops for festival goers encompassing a wide variety of interests. Whatever you’re into, Imagine’s got it. Let’s take a look at some of this year’s extras we’re most excited about.

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Aqua Day Club Pool Parties — A Splash of Fun

One of the most obvious elements of Imagine that sets this festival apart from its contemporaries is the Aqua Day Club & Pool — an shimmering oasis that provides a chance to cool off from Atlanta’s occasionally brutal summer sun and soak up some tunes during some special poolside sets from Dombresky (Disco Dom set) and Kai Wachi.

If you didn’t secure a tickets to this year’s pool parties, don’t worry: you can still join the waitlist, and enjoy access to the pool area during the majority of the weekend. Don’t forget your swim trunks!

Transformational Workshops — Activations for Enlightened Festival-goers

Everyone enjoys a good party, and there’s certainly plenty of that at the Imagine Music Festival. But, if you’re looking for a more balanced experience, or an opportunity to explore the Yogic community with professionals, Imagine Music Festival has you covered.

If Yoga isn’t your thing, maybe you want to sharpen your flow skills to impress your friends on the dancefloor — there’s a workshop for that. Or, perhaps you’re more interested in learning about sacred geometry, ancient meditative practices and mindfulness — there are workshops for that too.

Workshops are free, but limited spaces are available. Make sure to get there early to secure your spot!

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Frick Frack Blackjack — Bet Your Soul, Not Your Money

One of our favorite festival activations, Frick Frack Blackjack, is making an appearance at this year’s Imagine Music Festival, and we can’t wait to see what knick knacks are lost, what prizes are gained and what ridiculous commotion ensues.

If you’re unfamiliar, Frick Frack Blackjack is a circus-themed casino with a twist — money is strictly forbidden. Instead, players can bet “anything but cash.” The dealers don’t want your money, they want the shirt off your back, or maybe just a couple stickers. Or, maybe the deed to your house (if you’re feeling ballsy). Whatever you put on the table, the dealers will match with something from their inventory that both parties deem of equal value. And, if you don’t have anything to bet, you can take a dare; be careful though, these dares can get wild. You’ve been warned.

It’s Time to Get Wet, and Get Stoked

This year’s Imagine Music Festival is right around the corner, and there’s still a few passes available. If you’re looking for great music and poolside fun, don’t miss out on this year’s Imagine Music Festival.

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