MP3 SETS: Top 20 Live DJ Sets Shared On YouTube [JUNE]

While Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud are the primary platforms to share and listen to new music, YouTube is the most prominent source to discover captivating live performances from mainstream and underground artists alike. Through today’s technology, venues, festivals, and DJs themselves can record mesmerizing sets with multiple drone and camera shots, and then upload them to YouTube so fans can witness the magic as if they were there in person.

Welcome to our monthly series, where MP3 MAG rounds up the top 20 live sets, covering a wide spectrum of genres and electronic music-based acts. Take a trip across the globe and immerse yourself in new audiovisual experiences with the best sets from June:


Wax Motif kicks off our top 20 sets for June in style, ripping a set full of Latin and tech house heaters at Madrid’s Space The 360. He opens this mix with a spicy edit of his track with Matroda, “La Candela Viva,” and from there the vibes keep pouring on. On top of the top-notch audio and great song selection, this is a super cool venue to check out if you ever find yourself in Spain. Other hits from Wax’s personal catalog that he blends into this set are “La Samba” with Riordan and “Lo Que Soy” with KURA.

19) Deep Relaxing Brunch Terrace DJ Set – Flavour Trip

I have said this before and I’ll say it again, anytime funky, disco house duo Flavour Trip drops a set, there’s a 99.9% chance it will find a spot in the top 20 sets of that month. Traveling around Europe for each mix, cheffing up delicious meals, and always picking a scenic destination on a beautiful day, Flavour Trip is truly a one-of-a-kind audiovisual experience. For this edition, we are presented with a more laid-back breakfast set, at an aesthetically pleasing house in Spain’s village of Calafell.

18) Lilly Palmer DJ set @ The Moment Mix: Istanbul | @beatport Live

Over the last decade, Lilly Palmer has ascended to become techno royalty. Bringing her fast-paced basslines and intense percussion-heavy tracks to Istanbul, Lilly’s ‘The Moment Mix’ is a must-watch for any diehard techno fan. Something to note here is that whenever Beatport partners with a techno artist, or any artist for that matter, the set is nearly guaranteed to be top-tier and in a cool location.

What I really love about this set is that Lilly opens the set with two invigorating IDs and closes it with two more high-energy IDs. This is a great strategy to keep your audience locked in and make your set memorable.

17) LIQUID : LAB Radio 005 (Cassian, Layton Giordani, Adriatique, Max Styler)

Although it’s not technically a live set, this mix was simply too good not to feature in June’s top 20. This is a solid option to throw on the TV during a pre-game and crank up the speakers. There’s a melting pot of deep house, Afro house, melodic techno, and more throughout this sonic journey. Equally breathtaking is the mesmerizing camera shots of nature, encompassing vast jungles, dreamy waterfalls, and green-covered tropical landscapes.


Our first bass music set of the month, Vastive has certainly made a name for himself across the dubstep and riddim communities. During Sullivan King’s Red Rocks takeover earlier this year, Vastive threw down haymakers of ground-shaking buildups and moshpit-inducing drops. This also happened to be on the same day as his birthday, making it even more special to see the crowd going bonkers.

15) Format:B | 1st Mai 2024 | Open Air Set at Ritter Butzke

Hailing from Germany, Format:B is a veteran tech-house duo that has been lighting up the scene with dancefloor bangers since the mid-2000s. Touching down in Berlin for an open air performance at famous club Ritter Butzke. If you are looking to get funky and dance for 90 minutes straight, then cue this bad boy up and enjoy the ride. The pair of DJs flawlessly weave in heaters like Biscits and TOBEHONEST’s “I Am The One,” and their own hit single “The Scoop.”


An unrivaled fusion of a minimal and tech house, Cloonee fired on all cylinders at Music On festival this year. With many fans labeling his set as the best one of the weekend, it only takes a few tracks in to understand why. The way Cloonee curates this set is fantastic, hopping back and forth between vibey IDs, remixes of tracks like “Gas Pedal,” “Walking On A Dream,” and “Mambo Italiano,” and his own chart-toppers, such as “Sippin’ Yak” and “Sun Goes Down.”

13) Franky Rizardo | ANTS 2024 – Live at Ushuaïa Ibiza

Let’s take a trip to Ibiza to witness another house legened in the making as Franky Rizardo takes the stage at Ushuaïa, one of the top outdoor clubs on the planets. This performance is part of ANTS weekly showcases, which has residency at Ushuaïa every Saturday until October 5th. It is undeniable that Franky is a pro; the top of the top when it comes to blessing the crowd with nonstop sonic energy via house music.

12) Indira Paganotto at Cercle Festival 2024 (A380 Stage)

Experience Indira Paganotto’s electrifying psytrance set at the A380 stage during Cercle Festival 2024. Known for her dynamic blend of psytrance, acid, and techno, Indira has been captivating audiences with her powerful grooves for over a decade. This year’s festival transformed the National Air & Space Museum of France into a sonic playground, featuring three stages—including the iconic A380 and Concorde aircrafts—37 artists, and 24,000 music enthusiasts. The historic site, rich with aviation milestones, provided a unique backdrop for a memorable musical journey.

11) James Hype @ Elrow, OffSonar, Barcelona

I’m not a betting man but if there was one thing I had to put $1,000 on it would be take James Hype is going to bring the energy to every performance. This set is awesome for a number of reasons: James plays a wide spectrum of modern house hits like “Wild” and Max Styler’s “Tarantula” remix, his mixing techniques are world-class, and the atmosphere at Elrow Barcelona is absolutely off the charts. Regarding the third point, you can see giant floats, rainbow fluorescent lights, streamers and other decorations, blow-up palm trees, and more across the venue.

10) Excision 2 Hour Set Live @ Lost Lands 2023 – Full Set

Even though this set dropped right after our countdown for June was finalized, we had to go back in and make some adjustments to make sure it had a spot in the top 10. With the lineup for Lost Lands 2024 revealed, and the hype rapidly building for the greatest bass music festival of the year, it would be an injustice not to include this jaw-dropping set. Packed with speaker-busting riddim and dubstep, there should be a warning label that comes with this two-hour mix. It should not be played in the vicinity of small children or around any valuable objects. Play it at the gym for a new PR or throw a house (dubstep) party and toss it on.

9) Hernán Cattáneo ALL DAY LONG @BrunchElectronikBarcelona 2024 | @beatport

Witness legend Hernán Cattáneo put on a masterclass at Brunch Electronik Barcelona. This three-hour set will take you to sonic places that you could never have imagined. Once again, Beatport is in cooperation with the performance. It is sprinkled with 15 mind-altering IDs throughout, complemented by progressive anthems from underground artists like Ruben Karapetyan and Kamilo Sanclemente.

8) WORSHIP @ EDC Las Vegas 2024 | cosmicMEADOW

For last month’s edition of the top live sets across YouTube, EDC Las Vegas took over as we counted down the best 25 sets from the premier festival. Unfortunately, Insomniac held onto this gem until two weeks ago, so we were not able to include it at the time. We would owe the drum & bass community a formal apology if we didn’t feature this set in June’s roundup, which is in contention for EDC LV’s #1 performance if it was uploaded sooner. Under the electric sky at the cosmicMEADOW stage, WORSHIP, aka the kings of DnB, aka Sub Focus, Dimension, Culture Shock, and 1991, threw down a historic set for a roaring crowd.

7) Chris Stussy | Boiler Room: Edinburgh

Dutch DJ-producer hybrid Chris Stussy has proved to be a crucial part of today’s global house music circuit. His groovy beats and seamless mixing ability has taken his all over the world, headlining the biggest festival stages and nightclubs. Joining forces with Boiler Room, Stussy makes his way to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, to deliver an emphatic house set. It is impossible to listen to this mix without feeling a rush of euphoria from Stussy’a feel-good basslines.


6) Marsh DJ Set – Live from the Snowdonia Star, Welsh Highland Railway

Along with Simon Doty, Marsh is carrying Anjunadeep so far in 2024 with his soulful productions and unparalleled mixes. Shot aboard the Snowdonia Star, at the back of this train on the Welsh Highland Railway, the visual component includes tranquil pans over UK countryside.

Elaborating on the mix, Marsh shared, “There’s so much more to say about this one but I’ll leave it with this: I’m incredibly proud of this one. In my biased opinion, the music is packed full of emotion, soul and is perfect to accompany the journey. I’ve previewed some new music in the works, premiered my latest single ‘Floodlights’ (which is out now) and as always played some of my favorite current and recent-past music. It’s almost a three-hour mix!

5) it’s murph LIVE @ Bonnaroo 2024

With origins from stutter house through anthems like “Food for the Soul” and “Lost,” it’s murph is one of the fastest-rising artists in dance music right now. Check out his set from Bonnaroo and that is all the explanation you will need as to why he his project has shot up so quickly. Across this set is healthy balance of house grooves that will keep you toe-tapping for its entirety. Get ready for vocal-layered hits like “Down Low” and “123 Round Again” from this soon-to-be superstar.

4) Disco Lines – Regenerate Denver 2024 (Full Set)

Sharing similarities in his overall vibe and unique style of production, it felt right to put Disco Lines’ set from Regnerate Denver 2024 next to it’s murph’s set, given that they both infect listeners with a wave of positive energy. These two should definitely do a B2B soon; they shown major crossover potential by playing out wubbed-out remixes and edits of their tracks.

On it’s murph’s side, there is YDG’s remix of “Down Low,” and for Disco Lines, he drops an unbelievable mashup of “Baby Girl” and Tape B’s remix of Zed Dead’s iconic song “Collapse.” He also queues up a number of his recent hits, from “Disco Boy” to “Cutting Loose” with J. Worra and Anabel Englund.

3) Charlotte de Witte – Live from Orchard Street, New York City | ‪@beatport

Taking home the bronze, we descend into the techno realm for a final time in June. Charlotte de Witte has become the techno queen of New York City with her own riveting performances and takeovers via her label and event series KNTXT. The big apple can’t get enough of CDW as she unleashes a barrage of underground techno bangers onto them. It is amazing to see Orchard Street packed to the brim and the crowd having a blast during this mid-day set. A stand-out factor is how raw and authentic CDW has been throughout career, which flows throughout her live performances.


Whether you are into house music or not, try watching this set without becoming a fan or being a bigger fan of FISHER afterwards. There is simply no chance of that happening. FISHER’s flow throughout this mix is impeccable; he has shown a ton of improvement with the smoothness of his transitions and track selection over the years, but this has to be the cream of the crop. We get a hefty supply of FISHER’s instant classics, like “Take It Off,” Atmosphere,” and “Yeah The Girls,” in addition to sensationsal edits of icons like Bob Marley, Snoop, Sean Paul, and more.

The most spectactular parts of this set is FISHER’s upgraded visuals, the venue, and the crowd’s vibe. Two massive screens behind the fish display eccentric visuals and the programming of the lighting is insane. On top of this, Cow Palace is a HUGE venue, primed for FISHER and this audience. Everyone is having the time of their lives, being in the moment and making memories that they will never forget.

1) Curol b2b Sarah Stenzel @ Warung Day Festival, Curitiba/PR

Afro house has been domianting the global dance scene this year, so what better way to cap off June’s picks then one of the genre’s top acts in Curol. She teams up with fellow artist Sarah Stenzel for this magnificient B2B. Commanding the crowd with tribal beats and a variety of crisp percussion, these DJs rip a irrestible two-hour set at Warung Day Festival in Curtiba, a vibrant city in Brazil’s state of Paraná. This set is so good that it is basically an ad for Brazil’s tourism department, plus the venue, Ópera de Arame, is as scenic as it gets.

I did my landscaping to this set and this may sound sad but it was one of the best days I have had all year. There is nothing better than vibing to hypnotic Afro house anthems on a sunny day, and thanks to acts like Curol and Sarag Stenzel this is possible. If you are digging this set, be sure to check out MOOJO / Live From London 2024 for a similar experience.