Walschlager single release artwork for "Wait"

Walschlager Wraps up the Year With New Heater, ‘Wait’

As we quickly approach 2023, DJ and producer, Walschlager, knew the best way to wrap up the year with his hottest single, “Wait.”

Starting off strong, the catchy vocal loop draws the listener in, as it slowly builds into the first drop. The groovy bassline that is followed after represents nothing short of a classic club heater. Just when you think you have an idea of what the rest of the track could sound like, Walschlager switches it up with a melodic break that slows the track down a bit. As the song eases into the tempo change, the vocals and basslines come forward even harder as the slower pace brings more emotion to the song. This track is the perfect example of Walschlager’s style while showcasing his incredible talent in production.

Walschlager’s music has been supported by Whipped Cream, Dirty Radio, ALRT, Jynx, Brothel, and Vermyllion, and has even been played out at Lost Lands 2022. Fans can expect to see more coming from the talented artist in the upcoming year!

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