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WAV Artist Of The Month — Wreckno

Brandon Wisniski, also known as Wreckno, has taken the electronic music world by storm over the years with his sassy bass tracks, killer style, and energy filled live performances. 

MP3 MAG last sat down with Wisniski in 2021 when he was a still young artist preparing to take his career to new heights. Since then he’s achieved a plethora of success, and has proved himself to be a full on powerhouse in dance music.

We had the opportunity to reconnect with the bass music baddie to discuss everything that’s changed in the glamorous world of Wreckno. Dive into our June 2024 edition of MP3 MAG’s WAV artist of the month — where we highlight the impact artists are making in today’s North American music festival scene.

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Long before the Wreckno project was born in 2015, Wisniski had a passion for the art of self-expression, which in time led him to perform at massive festivals including Lollapalooza. He’s also landed the cover of DJ Mag, starred in a mini documentary with Billboard, had music featured in Fortnite and NBC Peacocks ‘Queer As Folk’, and has even caught the attention of Drag Race superstars such as Trixie Mattel. 

These are all phenomenal accomplishments, but when asked the biggest changes he’s undergone since his last interview with MP3 MAG in 2021, Wisniski discussed a sort of homecoming to his authentic self. 

It wasn’t too long ago when he would grace the stage in a flannel and t-shirt — in 2024 that would be considered a fashion crime! 

In recent years he’s channeled the confidence to perform in feminine presenting clothes, and these days It wouldn’t be a true Wreckno set if there weren’t mini skirts, fishnets, and some stunning eyeshadow involved. 

For the record, Wreckno now openly identifies as genderfluid and prefers the pronouns he/she/they, flaunting an iconic hair flips he mentions “I don’t care what you call me, as long as you call me!”

Wreckno’s latest music is in collaboration with Avedon and Alex Chapman — the certified house music banger ‘Party Girl’, which is the lead single from his upcoming EP. Naturally, ‘Party Girl’ was born after a long night of staying up until dawn, and the vocals embody a carefree, bad girl energy. It’s a feeling that many in the nightlife scene know all too well.

Despite the lore of being a 24-7 party girl, Wisniski has recently come to face the reality of what it takes to maintain a successful and long term career as an artist in the music industry. He mentioned his recent journey in taking a step back from partying to focus on achieving new heights with a clear head. It’s a career you take seriously and you do need structure, routine, and hard work to reach the top,” Wisniski said. “I think that’s the biggest stuff i’ve been going through lately.”

When asked if he had any advice to share with artists who may be looking to explore a sober lifestyle, Wisniski was encouraging.

“Being honest with yourself and remember why you got into this in the first place. It wasn’t to go party and lose yourself in a bad way; It was to share your art and make your voice heard. That was something that was really special for me to reconnect with.”

Wreckno posing in front of a pink and orange backdrop, wearing colorful makeup and pony tails.

The popularity of the electronic music scene continues to grow at an exponential rate and interest to attend events has skyrocketed in recent years. With that being said, It’s important to remember that the scene we love today was birthed by the LGBTQ+ community, originally serving as a space for individuals to connect with each other, dance together, and most importantly, authentically express themselves in a safe environment. 

So, how has the Wreckno project contributed to keeping this cultural history alive? Four words – ‘WRECKNO’S BIG GAY SOIREE’. 

This event is exactly what it sounds like: a massive party where music and art lovers of all identities come together to flaunt their best outfits in celebration of individuality and pride.

Wisniski has previously hosted this event at festivals such as Electric Forest and Okeechobee, but now he’s ready to take it to the next level. The BIG GAY SOIREE is hitting the road for its first Pride Month curated event at ReelWorks Denver on Thursday June 20th.

The Pride celebration will feature a headline set from Wreckno and showcase performances from drag icons AJA and LaLa Ri — both who have been successful from their time on the Emmy Award winning show Ru Paul’s Drag Race. 


“It’s like a dream come true,” Wisniski said. “It’s two of my favorite worlds joining. I hope the crowd is a good blend of kids from the bass music scene who are there for the music being played, and also some queer people who are like ‘what’s going on at ReelWorks tonight? It’s pride weekend, let’s go celebrate.’”

WRECKNO’S BIG GAY SOIREE is a testament to everything that makes Wisniski such a unique and important presence within the festival world, and we can’t wait to see this event level up over time.

It takes a little rain in order for flowers to bloom. Despite facing pushback and being misunderstood during moments in his career, Wisniski continues to blossom into the star he was always meant to be, doing it all with a smile on his face. He encourages others to do the same.

Here’s some final advice from the bad bitch himself: 

My advice would definitely be to stick to your guns. Don’t water down whatever you want to do or however you want to present yourself just because you feel like it won’t be accepted. Whenever you get any pushback, I encourage you to say fuck ‘em, and keep going”


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