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Moore Kismet press photo

Self Love and Powerful Purpose — Inside Moore Kismet’s Beautiful, Chaotic Universe

The common tropes of adolescence — after-school sports, all-nighters spent studying, hours-long gaming sessions — have a nostalgic sentiment when viewed from the high perch of adulthood. Occasionally, though, dreamers like Omar Davis, also known as Moore Kismet, making some serious waves in the electronic music industry, exchange those core memories with national tours and […]

Do Lab live photo

10 Acts Not to Miss at Coachella’s Do LaB Stage in 2022

For weeks Do LaB enthusiasts and Coachella connoisseurs waited patiently for this year’s roster to drop. Fans asked themselves “who will return to the desert for a shot on the aesthetic Do LaB stage and who will get their first chance to play on the sustainable stage?” On March 28, Do LaB released their lineup […]

Photo from Lightning in a Bottle 2023.

MP3 PHOTO: Festival Lights – Lightning in a Bottle 2023

Immerse yourself in the ethereal beauty of LIB 2023 with MP3 MAG’s gallery of night lights. Discover the breathtaking light installations, vivid stage production lights, and fan’s lights that define the nightlife at Lightning in a Bottle Festival 2023.

Photo of Festival Outfits at Lightning in a Bottle 2023

MP3 PHOTO: Our Favorite Outfits – Lightning in a Bottle 2023

Uncover the best of festival fashion with MP3 MAG’s favorite outfits from Lightning in a Bottle Festival 2023. From eccentric to sublime, experience the creative style expressions that lit up the grounds of this vibrant California music festival.

Photo of REZZ at Sunset Music Festival 2023

MP3 TAKES: Sunset Music Festival 2023

Introducing MP3 TAKES, our event review series where we dive deep into the exhilarating world of music festivals and live performances. In a time when countless events grace stages across the globe, how do you navigate through the noise and discover the most captivating experiences? Join us as we embark on a journey to uncover […]

MP3 SELECTS featuring Fredrick, Hamdi, and WonkyWilla.

MP3 SELECTS: Playlists & New Music from Fredrick, Hamdi, WonkyWilla, Koresma & More

MP3 SELECTS: New Music Releases – May 22nd, 2023

Featuring new single releases from:


Lil Nas X performing at Hangout Music festival 2023

MP3 PHOTO: Gallery of Hangout Festival 2023

Explore the captivating gallery of Hangout Music Festival 2023, held on the breathtaking beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing moments captured on stage as chart-toppers and emerging talents delivered electrifying performances. Get a visual glimpse of the festival experience through stunning photos. Discover the vibrant world of Hangout Music Festival 2023 through our gallery.