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MP3 SELECTS: Playlists + New Music from IMANU & Subtronics, Frameworks, Nate Mars & DIA LUNA & More

In the modern era, distribution services push out over 60,000 new tracks every single day. How do you cut through all the noise, select what to listen to, and boost your playlist game? Introducing MP3 SELECTS, our weekly rundown of new music releases and our updated playlists on Spotify. Check out this week’s round up below:

IMANU, Subtronics, Kučka – “It’s Our Destiny” (Subtronics Remix)

The renowned electronic music producer IMANU has dropped his highly anticipated UNFOLD Remixes LP. Housed on the esteemed Deadbeats label, the album features an exceptional list of collaborators to showcase the best of the sub-genres of electronic music, including drum and bass, dubstep, and experimental bass. Featured second on the remix album is an outstanding three-minute remix by none other than dubstep icon, Subtronics. The track exemplifies IMANU’s unique blend of experimental sound design with a perfect mix of Subtronics hard-hitting dubstep and warping bass.

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Frameworks – “TWENTY TWO

Driven by the creativity of time away from the constant hustle and bustles of society during the pandemic, Frameworks was able to tap into the inner workings of his mind and conceptualize his life experiences of the past, present, and future in his latest full-length project, REFLECTIONS. Kicking off this defining LP is “TWENTY TWO,” which perfectly encapsulates the emotive dance tone of the collection as it works through yearning piano chord progressions, driving drum rhythms, and euphonic vocal samples. Inspired by the half marathon the melodic electronic producer ran (22 kilometers) to raise awareness and funds for his son with a rare mitochondrial disease, it’s exactly a track you would find yourself running or driving to as you focus on what’s right in front of you and the rest of the worries slowly fade away.

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Nate Mars, DIA LUNA – “Acid Your Time”

Reigniting the movement behind acid techno, musical innovators Nate Mars and DIA LUNA have joined forces for a new spellbinding EP, Out Of The City. While showcasing DIA LUNA’s breathtaking singing abilities and Nate Mars’ acid-scorched signature production style, the album is a cohesive collaboration between both artists, underpinned by hypnotic grooves, mesmerizing basslines, and dark techno pop. “Acid Your Time” is a standout track on the collection, pulsing flash-point sound production built around staccato analogs, techno soundscapes and dark acid sensibilities.

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Find a full Round Up of new music from throughout the spectrum of the Music Festival scene via our Official MP3 MAG Spotify Playlists below:


[Playlist for Bass, Dubstep, Downtempo, Experimental, Trap]:

New Music Featured This Week (April 10 – April 16):

“It’s Our Destiny” (Subtronics Remix) – IMANU, Subtronics, KUCKA

“Way She Goes” – Dillard

“Sauce” – The Polish Ambassador, Wink

“PUMPANY” – Kai Wachi, Kompany

“Power Move” – Figure

“Ready Ignition” – An-Ten-Nae

“B.T.W.” (The Whistle) – Crankdat

“Interstellar” – Troyboi, Hucci

“Reptiles” – SLUMBERJACK

“cath” – Laxcity


[Playlist for House, Techno]: 

New Music Featured This Week (April 10 – April 16):

“Acid Your Time” – Nate Mars, DIA LUNA

“La Nina” – Lane 8

“Bora” – Northern Form

“I Need You” – Yung Felix

“Penguin Hit Squad” – Mike Kerrigan, n808

“London Bridge” – Dot N Life, Jen Payne

“Feel The Heat” – Riva Starr, Mike Dunn

“Alone” – Partiboi69

“Primavera” – Kev Koko, ALCATRAZ

“Samsara” – Bleu Clair

“Rhythm Don’t Lie” – illusionize, Jay Robinson, Gabi’el

“Snatch” – Malaa

“Paris To Vegas” – Dustycloud

“Do It” – Louis Millne 

“The One” – Ross From Friends

“Heart” – Dan Shake

“Lost” – Noize

“Smack That” – Dubdogz, DJ Susan, CJ.

“Destination” – Max Styler

“Addicted To Bass” – Farrago, Amelie Lens

“Nothing Is Easy” – Jengi 

DNB 101

[Playlist for Diverse DnB for Beginners & Diehards]: 

New Music Featured This Week (April 10 – April 16):

“Empress” – IMANU, Phace

“One Gun Finger” – Bennie, DREAD MC

“Bezdna” – Mr. OG YUG

“Green Visions” – Kugustu

“All To You” – No Etiquette

“Wake Up” – CLOZR

“Uno Dos Tres” – Scott Doe

“Washout” – Beatmool

“Enough” – Felov

“Zodiac” – Khronos

“Bad Boy Dub” – S.P.Y., Doktor

“The Procedure” – R3IDY, Natty KD

“Take Me Where I Wanna Go” – Fourward

“Draw The Line” – Xeonz

“On The Other Side” – Screamarts, Burroats

“The Space Between Us” – Sol Pillars

“Out Loud” – Catching Cairo, Turno

“Natural Feeling” – DJ Marky, Alibi, Charli Brix 

“Checkmate” – ZeroZero, Peas

“Fly” – MC Fava, Keeno


[Playlist for Live-Electronic, Jam, Funk]:

New Music Featured This Week (April 10 – April 16):

“TWENTY TWO” – Frameworks

“One Time” – Kyle Walker

“Night Rider” – Ish D

“Break It” – catch92

“Add Clap” – DJ Grumble, Dr. Malcom Lex

“Mariposa” – Rose City Band

“Spring Embers” – Nora En Pure

“Real” – Bliimp, Good Luck

“do2u” Remix  – DJibouti, Dj Planet Express

“I Could” Open Up Mix – Pretty Girl

“let’s pretend we’re numb” – Burt Dogg

“no fue amor” – Kora

“About You” – Mtbrd

“Over” – minds&machines

“Rewire” – Hermanez

“all quiet” – sunflwr

“Ado” – Janus Rasmussen, David Bergmüller

“Take Your Time” – Tensnake, Teira

“Last” – Fractures

 “Searching”- TWO LANES

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