Satori's album Dreamin' Colours artwork

Satori Drops Emotional New Album Two Years in the Making

Known to his beloved fans as Satori, Djordje Petrovic is an artist who embodies finding perfection in the midst of imperfection. His latest album released today, Dreamin’ Colours, is an ode to finding beauty in chaos.

Written during the tumultuous COVID-19 pandemic, Satori utilized the time of isolation as an opportunity to tell a story of his day-to-day encounters through his musical production. Dreamin’ Colours explores beyond the boundaries of electronic music, finding danceable rhythms by melding his sound with folk, soul, and even opera.

Hailing from The Netherlands, Satori, spent countless days in Ibiza recording raw sounds within his natural surroundings alongside his musical engineer.

“It was made during a time of isolation, but for me, it was all about connection and being with people in the studio together,” Satori says in an interview with MP3 MAG. “I was never more connected with artists in the studio than before the pandemic.”

Satori wove together an album featuring artists from around the world, such as Ariana Vafadari, Kalima, MY BABY, Laska, El Mundo, Ora Dea, Moshe Halperin, and Hugo Oak. Eastern European influences drip off every track, a nod to Satori’s Balkan roots.

In the song “Lalai” featuring Ariana Vafadari, Satori explained that he had the Iranian Opera singer record herself singing into a 400-year-old water well. The harmonies are laced with compelling vocals that capture an intimate echoing effect, formulating a sound that allows listeners to interpret a narrative of authenticity.

“We made an hour-long documentary on the album because I just wanted to show the world that every song has a meaning and background story.” Satori continues. “It is very important for me to show that because we live in this world where everyone goes on Spotify and hits shuffle, and they sometimes forget that every song has a story.”

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