Rewind: Catching up With Mary Droppinz on Authentic Vibes and Her Upcoming EP

From the quiet streets of a small town, where rhythm and nightlife seem worlds away, Mary Droppinz has established a love for music that goes beyond her geographical limitations. Now, the rising star is paving her way through the electronic scene, carving out a sound that is unmistakably, Mary Droppinz. Earlier this year, MP3 MAG highlighted the burgeoning performer to celebrate her efforts with Zeds Dead’s Altered States label during Miami Music Week 2023. Now, we’re catching up with Droppinz ahead of The FriendShip 2024 appearance to talk about the extravagant floating music festival, her wide array of musical accomplishments, and details about her upcoming EP. Let’s find out what she’s been up to.

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Photo Courtesy of Kinderella (Daniela Becerra)

Alyssa Johnson, better known as Mary Droppinz, characterizes her project as more than just a personal expression — it’s an immersive experience that is crafted to curate a specific vibe infused with contagious positive energy. It’s this energy that encourages the audience to immerse themselves into Droppinz’ colorful world of dynamic house music.

This positive approach to her project, in addition to being incredibly talented, has skyrocketed her career to heights she never imagined possible. MP3 MAG spoke with Johnson back in March of 2023, and since then, she has triumphantly taken center stage in Bristol, UK, locked in bookings for her first headlining tour, and is set to debut her new EP, The Cycle early next year. 

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The title track and first single off of the EP, “The Cycle” was recently released on November 2, with the full EP slated for release on January 18, 2024. The inspiration for this track stems from a raw and personal source: her journey through toxic relationships and destructive habits. The track starts with groovy disco and house feel, but quickly evolves into  gritty, bass-heavy breaks that are as unexpected as they are delightful.

Delving into the depths of her own personal experiences over the years, Johnson not only recognized the recurring patterns, but channeled her revelation into her song through energetic beats and hypnotizing lyrics. In the last year, Johnson slowly began exploring the realm of bass music, and wanted to use this opportunity to dive into that side of her creative ability.

“This is my first time creating something like this where I’m not using a bunch of samples from Splice,” Johnson said. “I’m not using other vocal samples, or making a remix or an edit. I just wanted something more raw and more real to me. I’m really excited to explore this new side of me and can’t wait to see where I take it.”

Mary Droppinz performing on stage. Courtesy of Mary Droppinz
Photo Courtesy of Kinderella (Daniela Becerra)

Mary Droppinz is taking this adventure to the middle of the ocean, onboard The FriendShip 2024 for the second consecutive year. Kicking the festival off with a bang, Mary Droppinz will be playing her first proper B2B set with the acclaimed Flava D at the official FriendShip pre-party in Miami, January 5. “Flava D plays a lot of multi-genre music like I do,” Johnson said. “So there will be a lot of jungle, and I think UKG, because that’s what I love. Flava D is a legend, and I’m so pumped!”

In addition to the pre-party, Mary Droppinz will also play another FriendShip set once we set sail. Whether it be on the pool deck, the casino, or in a theater or on the beach, Johnson is stoked to give fans a proper dose of her vibrant vibes to get the party going. Who knows, maybe we will even get a surprise Dial-A-DJ Mary Droppinz set on board. Anything is possible during this festival.

From the intimate revelations of “The Cycle,” to playing The FriendShip for a second time, Mary Droppinz’s evolution as an artist is marked by her authenticity and eagerness to push creative boundaries. As she prepares to unleash her latest EP and set sail on the open ocean during The FriendShip 2024, it is clear to see that Mary Droppinz isn’t just a DJ and producer; she’s a conductor of energy, weaving together beats and emotions to create an unforgettable experience for her audience.



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